To practice reflection, follow the following steps:

  1. Move the red corners of the green quadrilateral so that it becomes what you think is the image of the black quadrilateral.
  2. When you are happy about the position of the green quadrilateral, slide the button (at the bottom left of the diagram) to reveal the actual image (this is blue).
  3. Did you get it right? If not, can you see your mistake?
  4. Hide the image (the blue quadrilateral) using the button.
  5. Change the shape of the black quadrilateral (this is called the object) by moving its red corners and start at step 1.
  6. Once you have mastered this, change the angle of the mirror (using the red dots on the mirror) to either 180º, 45º or 135º (You will not be able to draw the image accurately using any other angle). I suggest if you made a few mistakes when the mirror was at 90º, you try first the mirror at 180º. The angle which the mirror is at is in yellow at the foot of the diagram.
Have fun!

Figure reflect_pract

Applet created on 1/22/01 by Jamie Coventry with CabriJava